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Kindle Sleeve-Fits all Kindle Paperwhite Gen 1 to 11, Kindle Oasis, Amazon Fire Tab-Green With Butterflies

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These eco-friendly upcycled Kindle Sleeve- green with butterflies & flower are all one of a kind, you can't find anything like them in the whole wide world.

These Kindle Sleeves fit all Kindles- Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis of all Generations and serve as a perfect eco-friendly cover. The inside is made out of khadi cotton, to hold the Kindle soft and snuggly. Has a divider inside to hold the charger wire, so you don't misplace it and it won't scratch the Kindle either.

The flap portion is from a small tailor in Chennai and the body is from a local tailor in Bengaluru, we have mixed two colours to make a one of a kind Kindle pouch.

This Kindle cover is 8 inches x 6.75 inches.

It is all of the below too:

Made in India
100% Upcycled
100% Unique
Human made

Proudly Made by Karigars at Upcyclie, Bengaluru, India

  • Deepti

    Beautiful finish, can't believe this came from waste. Love the Kindle Sleeve. Fits even my Kindle Oasis !

  • Aditi

    Excellent finish. I love the Kindle Sleeve

  • Veena

    I love the Kindle sleeve. It feels like my Kindle now has a dress to wear everyday!

  • Priya

    It is such a beautiful Kindle Sleeve- my Kindle fits so snuggly into this, especially in this weather.

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Why Upcyclie?

We collect/ the fabric waste is sent to us from various brands, tailoring units, who don't have the resources to make use of it. We wash, dry, segregate, decide what to make from it, and then make the products- ranging from bags, accessories, tech sleeves etc. Every step is done with lots of love.

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