• Aditi

    I got the Kindle Sleeve, it looks so beautiful. Very well made!

  • Amritha Ramesh

    I love love the tote bag. Thank you so much for making this!

  • Veena

    I loved both Kutti samosaas and the Kindle Sleeve.

  • Viji Rajaram

    The sling bag is an amazing product. Thank you for making this

  • Amesha

    Loved the wallets. They look so beautiful

  • Serene Sarah

    Upcyclie's eye for aethetics has made my Christmas tree so happy!

  • Samyuktha

    The wallets are worth every penny I have paid. So beautiful and I am happy I helped save these smallest pieces from landfills.

  • Priya

    It is such a beautiful Kindle Sleeve- my Kindle fits so snuggly into this, especially in this weather.

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Upcyclie is built with ONE intention- divert fabric waste from landfills and make something useful out of them, creating a circular economy.

Every second, a truck load of fabric waste gets dumped in the landfills. We aim to stop that truck and put it to good use.

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