Custom Tote Bags from Baby Clothes

Carry a piece of your cherished moments with you, and celebrate the blend of nostalgia and eco-friendly craftsmanship with Memory Totes

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Memory Blanket for Taarak

How to get started

How does Memories work?

How many baby clothes for backpack?

We will need 20-25 pieces of baby clothes for backpack. The other accessories might require lesser, we can customise as per what's available.

Write to us here. Happy to chat!

How do I send my baby's clothes to you?

You can send it to us on Dunzo or Porter if you are in Chennai, or send it across on India Post. Send us a message here to get the address.

How many clothes do I send for memory blanket?

We have 2 sizes:

  • 3 feet x 4.5 feet
  • 5 feet x 6.3 feet

Will need 40-50 clothes of the little one. Please wash it before you send. Tattered/ torn ones won't survive the stitching.

For the backside you can give 2-3 sarees. Or a bedsheet.

We make blanket not quilt. And we don’t use polyroll. It is not good for health.

How long does it take to make them?

Memory Blanket takes 1.5 weeks.

Memory bag takes 1 week.

Rest of the accessories- within 1 week.

Can I customise the size?

Sure, since we are making from scratch, we can customise the size for you. The number of clothes required would differ basis that.

Can I add my kid's name on the bag or pouch?

Sure. We do customise the name in any language on the bag and other accessories too.

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