Upcyclie story

Upcyclie is built with ONE intention. Eradicate fabric waste and build a circular economy. 

Everyday, there is a whopping 251 tonnes of textile waste that gets dumped into the landfills- this is in Chennai alone. And this number has been growing by 8% year on year since 2016.

Our aim is to deliver high quality products made from fabric waste.

We do this by deploying women at every step of the way. 

(In the image- Founder Namrutha Ramanathan making apron from patchwork fabric from discarded materials)

Humans of Upcyclie:

Bharthi Akka:
The pillar of Upcyclie. She has an ailing father in law and 2 kids. She attends to them and works for Upcyclie, from home. Her thoughts about working for Upcyclie:
“Indha kuppai lam enga pogudhu. Namma pullaingala Thana idhu badhikum. Adhuku na odhavi pandren. Avlo than”
In English “where’s all this waste gonna go? It’s gonna affect our children. I am doing my portion to not let this happen”.
“Let’s clean up more kuppai” she says.

Bhuvana Akka:
The backbone of Upcyclie. 
Bhuvana akka worked in a garment unit where she was paid Rs.15 for stitching a shirt.
Her aim was to become “master” there. But was married and sent off.
Every step she wanted to grow, she was uprooted and sent off to another place.
She has 2 amazing kids who are supportive of her work and love Upcyclie equally. 
Bhuvana akka's strength is attention to detail.

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